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Hello Rosnani!
7 month old, fourth week

Any day now, if she hasn't already, your baby may try feeding herself. She may let you know about her new goal by grabbing a spoon and, eventually, guiding it into her mouth. If you can, let her experiment and forgive the mess - it's helping her learn a new skill. You'll have to be patient too, since she won't fully master the trick of feeding herself till after her first birthday. If you haven't tried already, why not make mealtimes family times? It's never too soon for eating together to become a habit and it may give you and your husband a chance to catch up with each other. Some couples find that they prefer to feed their baby first and then have some time together. Like so many things throughout this first year, it's a question of finding what suits your family.

NOTE: Apsal pulak anak aku jadik SHE??? Hahahha, whut eva! Info ni aku dapat dari babycenter. since Pregnant lagi aku register, so report keeps coming every week. Hurmm..but ok gak lar..at least aku dah tau anak teruna yang curious ni dah pandai wat apekan? Lagi2 dah beranak dua ni dik non, maner lar MAK nak tengok je dia 24 jam, tak perasan pon perkembangan dia...Mak nak nengok si abangnye lagi. Mak terBZ dengan PAPAnye lagi..hikhikhik..

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